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Ankur Roy is a successful entrepreneur looking to expand his network.


Ankur Roy is a professional entrepreneur living and working in the Greater New York City Area. Ankur loves the intersection of technology and people, all tech innovations can do for people and society as a whole.

Ankur’s main point of focus is on the use of innovative new tools for small companies looking to create a large impact on a certain part of society. He wants to help improve the world one small bit at a time.


Although Ankur Roy has many passions, he’s especially keen on baseball. Not just baseball in general, which has been his favorite sport since he was a child, but the actual gameplay of baseball.

If any of you have seen Moneyball, this is what Ankur lives and breathes. He loves the statistics of baseball and how the game is quite intricate in terms of how entire teams and players are successful during games.


Baseball statistics consists of sabermetrics, which is the empirical analysis of the game of baseball. Bill James, a historic baseball writer, refers to it as “the search for objective knowledge about baseball.”

This resonates very well with Ankur as he not only loves the ins and outs of baseball, but also statistics in general. Ankur is a number’s kind of guy and enjoys observing how these trends within baseball can predict the outcome of a team or a player.



Ankur Roy has had an interesting background of interests and skills. Growing up on the East Coast, attending an Ivy League University, and working around the country has given Ankur the necessary tools to cultivate a community of like-minded thinkers and thought leaders.

Ankur believes in the power of connection between people and business, he hopes to roll out a few ideas in terms of entrepreneurial endeavors within the next few years.

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